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> >Presuming that you do remember to take it, does Melatonin work? I seem to
> >have buckled the wheel on my sleep cycle; I'm all over the place.
> Yes, it does work for most people. My mom takes 3mg a night and it works
> pretty well for her. And it's a great, cheap anti-aging supplement.
> LEF has a lot of info on it. There are some articles on it here:

It's good to see someone aside from me using LEF as a resource.:)

I have used melatonin too. (I don't use it on a regular basis; only when
I'm having insomnia or need to be asleep at a certain time because of, say,
a business trip.) Comparing my experience with those of friends, I've found
that you have to experiment a bit with dosage. The variation can be high.
Some people (me) can squeeze a full night's sleep from 500mcg while others
3mg or more. I think it's best to start with a small dose -- 1mg -- and
moving up or down.

Also, friends and I have noticed that if you fight the melatonin -- i.e.,
try to stay awake when you start to get sleepy from it -- you wind up with
worse insomnia.

Happy New Weekend!

Daniel Ust
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