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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 05:56:42 MST

> >Presuming that you do remember to take it, does Melatonin work? I seem to
> >have buckled the wheel on my sleep cycle; I'm all over the place.

My experience with is is good. I only use it to adjust my circadian
rhythm, nothing more.

"<" <> writes:
> Yes, it does work for most people. My mom takes 3mg a night and it works
> pretty well for her. And it's a great, cheap anti-aging supplement.

I don't really buy the anti-aging claims. Yes, it is an anti-oxidant
and has helped mice. But so has a lot of other stuff, the important
question is whether there is good evidence that it has a significant
effect on the aging process itself (and not just on the symptoms or
other confounding variables) and that it works in humans in that
respect. There seems to be very scant evidence for that right now. I'm
not ruling out that melatonin could have beneficial aging effects, but
it is hardly a magic bullet.

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