Chris Hibbert on cryonics....

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 18:51:38 MST

I read the paper you wrote and found it interesting. I agree that true A.I.
may not take off as fast as some think. It will be interesting to see over
the next two decades if nanotech develops as quickly as we would like. So
you think nanotech will bottleneck because of A.I. not advancing as fast as

I am in my early thirties and do think that life-extension
technology(including nanotech) will advance enough over the next forty years
to ensure the reversal of aging in my body. I will probably need to be
cryonically suspended to buy myself the extra few decades needed for these
technologies to mature. I don't want to die just when things are getting
really good! lol Neal and Ziana are lucky!

best regards,

John Grigg :)

From: Chris Hibbert <>Subject: Why Cryonics? I decided to
try to write down some of my reasons for signing up for cryonics after I was
caught without a ready explanation a little while back. I had nonchalantly
mentioned being signed up to someone whom I had thought would find it
ordinary. She was surprised, and I was unprepared to defend my choice.

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