Re: Extropian finder service?

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 18:33:54 MST

--- Sasha <> asked:
> Could we create a searchable database of
> extropians
> [ ... ]
> I think such a system would be a great resource
> for the extropian community for these ans many other
> reasons. What do you all think?

I agree, sounds like a good idea to me :)

--- Rob Sweeney <> wrote:
> I'd be happy to help out.. of course not being a
> paid member of ExI or otherwise an oldtimer I'd have

> to demand one of those low ID numbers as
> compensation!

Although I doubt I could be of much help among such
skilled people as are on this list, I'd also be
willing to do what I could to help, if anyone desires
my assistance :) (an ExI ID *would* be nice
compensation, but I'd still be glad to help without
that 'reward')

--- Rob Sweeney <> wrote:
> of course, it's limited to who the author of that
> page thought were worthwhile and interesting people
> and not to paid ExI members.

Yeah, and I must say, I like it that way (not being
limited to paid ExI members)... although I do have
something of a biased opinion myself, since I am very
unfortunately not able currently to *be* a 'paid ExI
member', due to my current 'situation' (nearly
powerless IRL, not to mention nearly broke, teenager
in a conservative small town with conservative
parents). I would be a 'paid ExI member' if I could,
but I can't. As soon as I *am* able to, I certainly
will be, but (in my, as previously mentioned, somewhat
biased opinion) I don't think it would be fair to
exclude myself and other transhumanists/Extropians who
are, for some reason or another, not currently 'paid
ExI members'.

--- Sasha wrote:
> The ID in the database could be the ExI membership
> Id. It's unique, and gives a valuable incentive to
> join ExI if one hasn't done this yet for some
> strange reason.

As I mentioned above, some of us (or at least a few)
do indeed have such 'strange reasons' as you speak of.
Not all of us, unfortunately, would be able to meet
that requirement.

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