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From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 14:33:11 MST

> You might try to get by with archeology books
> related to the history of the Middle East
> ...
> C.S. Lewis
> ...
> Some of the early Christian philosophers
> ...
> any of the literature about Zen

Wonderful suggestions!! :) Thanks a lot. I'll try some
of that-- certainly more promising than the
Lucado-and-his-clones stuff I'm usually stuck with. ;)
> I was pretty much in identical circumstances about
> 28 years ago. It is survivable, but editing the
> foundation memes is a long term process.

Things like that (how you - and no doubt others - had
pretty much the same problems with this sort of stuff
decades ago) really show just how little these darn
religious memes have diminished - or even changed -
over time. Then from only a thirty-year period one
goes to thinking about how they've been basically the
same for millennia, just with slight variations in the
names, powers, and manifestations of the gods.

> Only if they can make the distinction between
> *being* the memes and *having* the memes do you
> stand a chance of changing their viewpoint.

Yeah! I'll remember that one! :)

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