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From: Neal Marin (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 16:33:37 MST

*winces* wow, that must be unpleasant at times. But
don't worry...too much...everyone's parents are
adamant about certain things... in my mom's case,
eating and dating... I skipped a meal last night, now
she's sure that not only am I vegetarian, but I have
some absurd eating disorder...and I have hard times
with her about my friends, several of which are
male...she occasionally sits me down and tells me how
important it is not to be sexually active...and then
makes quips about me dating my best friend. One plus
being that they don't force me to go to church... but
that doesn't help you any...

> yesterday I got into a 'discussion' (which turned
> into
> a 'her screaming at me and running off' thing,
> unfortunately) with a girl at my school, when she
> started talking about how "God's going to end the
> world", and "Heaven" and stuff like that.

That's happened to you, too? Once a girl sat down on
the bus and wouldn't move...she kept going on and on
about how evil snakes are because they kicked adam and
eve out of the garden...I turned around and told her
quite logically told her some things, and the next
moment I was apparently a satanist of the worst sort,
among other things.

> Oh, if only! Everyone else in my family is highly
> religious; only recently have I made the only slight
> inroad of progress so far, talking my mom out of
> making me attend church (they're Catholics) every
> Sunday morning (although I'm supposed to spend that
> hour at home reading religious literature).
> Eventually....

I'd try to bully your parents into letting you read
cultural things... and maybe try to push into some
research on the 'heathens' if you frame it the right
way... you might as well try to squeeze as much
knowledge out of those hours as you can, and even
reading the bible comes in handy in terms of
literature...authors keep making obscure
references.... Anyway, I hope my feeble suggestions
come to some help.

Neal Marin

"There we worked, revising mythology,
rounding a fable here and there, and building castles
in the air for which earth offered no worthy foundations."
Henry David Thoreau
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