putting the beauty meme in it's place...

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 02:59:19 MST

Evan Brown wrote:
OTOH, beauty _is_ only skin deep. And when skin itself becomes a more
manageable medium we may get lucky and the prevalent memes change
(parameme shift?) and suddenly the search for a mate becomes based more on
intellect and personality and compatibility and the like, and less on
physical attraction, which is a dynamic attribute. Okay, not too likely.
But, at the very least, the importance of the physical would seem to
diminish. Fabio's not all that special if any Tom, Dick or Nadia can look
like him. Hooked on Neologism- -Evan-

I totally agree, Evan!! I have heard many people say that a mature body mod
technology would, "take away the uniqueness and special nature of physical
beauty in humans because everyone would be beautiful" but I think this
technology would overturn the tyranny of beauty elitism that is brought on
by unfair (to most human minds) rolls of the genetic dice that has allowed
for only a few to be extremely attractive. Body appearance would transmit
social information to a prospective partner much the way clothes do now.

I also think that with this tech we will see people not focusing so much on
looks but on intellect, accomplishments, personality and character. What an
AMAZING world it will be!! lol Of course unless nanotech really transforms
things economically, we will still see money being very important as to
status. But even in a "transformed world," the status and accomplishments
of one's career would be important.

I see modelling in the future being much more dependant on the model having
accomplished something to gain admiration rather then just be attractive.
But what will become of those who would have become models had they been
born in our time? :) Natasha and Queenemuse are examples of well-rounded
women who could be 22nd century models. :)


John Grigg
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