Re: putting the beauty meme in it's place...

Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 07:56:52 MST

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<< I also think that with this tech we will see people not focusing so much
 looks but on intellect, accomplishments, personality and character. What an
 AMAZING world it will be!! lol >>

Actually, I can imagine that there will be as much if not more focus on
looks. But now your physical appearance will be even more a representation
of your aesthetics and personality, much the way clothes, make-up, and
accessories (should I add cosmetic surgery in here?) are seen now. Also,
let's not forget that form does often have an effect on function. If you
want to be as strong or fast or limber as possible, this will shape your
physical appearance some. Still likely to be a pretty amazing world.

Glen Finney

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