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Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 02:55:51 MST

Queenemuse wrote:
Ok thanks for sharing adolescent fantasies. Ahem. Ever read Stepford
(Now if you can also program them to tell you you are the best lover in the
universe whether or not that's true....)

I am familiar with Stepford Wives. I would not want that.

she continues:
I HOPE TO GOD modifications will be adopted to make people *more* of an
individual and not bring even more soulless clones into existance. Fish eyes
and feathers, bring it on....
But more bland female model types, and isipid GQ types and we can all
...CONFORM!! CONFORM!!! More more : Monotony, tedium, banality.

I get tired of seeing nonconformists being so conforming to their
subcultures! lol I understand what you mean, though. I think Loree hit it
on the head with this comment.

Loree wrote:
Eventually, everyone will want a "unique" look. Body mod designer
houses will spring up to fill the gap... and like the fashion industry
today, their biggest successes will come from commercial interpretations of
"street" fashions.

Perfect "model" looks will become the sign of a person who lacks taste
or isn't able to afford the good stuff.

Commerciallism will of course want to cash in on any counterculture
movement. I hope we don't end up like 18th century French nobility obsessed
with having the right look to please others and make their mark.

I think that a person who does not want anything to far out but simply a
very improved version of what nature gave them could be a mark of class, in
it's own way. It would be interesting to see people who are products of
germline engineering who still don't like their looks. But then how many of
us would agree with our parents view on what is goodlooking and how we
should look?


John Grigg

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