Re: individuality and conformity regarding body mod...

From: Emlyn (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 04:49:10 MST

QueenMuse wrote:
> I HOPE TO GOD modifications will be adopted to make people *more* of an
> individual and not bring even more soulless clones into existance. Fish
> and feathers, bring it on....
> But more bland female model types, and isipid GQ types and we can all
> ...CONFORM!! CONFORM!!! More more : Monotony, tedium, banality.
> (end)

Brian: You're all individuals
Crowd: Yes we're all individuals
Lone voice: I'm not!

attribution left as an exercise (embarrassed)

John Grigg wrote:
> Commerciallism will of course want to cash in on any counterculture
> movement. I hope we don't end up like 18th century French nobility
> with having the right look to please others and make their mark.

Surely that could never happen today (or tomorrow).

> I think that a person who does not want anything to far out but simply a
> very improved version of what nature gave them could be a mark of class,
> it's own way. It would be interesting to see people who are products of
> germline engineering who still don't like their looks. But then how many
> us would agree with our parents view on what is goodlooking and how we
> should look?

I see what you mean. Gives me that shudder Bart Simpson shudder (you know,
when he has to give Patty and Selma a footrub).


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