Re: Netiquettes:(was)Agnosticism and the Fear of Atheism (was re: Vital Essence)

Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 19:48:44 MST

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<< n's actual state of mind, the
 example probably captures Robert's experience. For me, such an experience
 be frustrating enough to warrant a response like Robert's, perhaps even a
 stronger one. (I might also just join the drunkenness -- indeed, this might
 be another way of understanding Robert's response, his favored drink being
 perhaps different from those of most.)
 If Extropians lost Robert, the overall caliber of the list would suffer
 immensely. >>

Losing people is not the point finally. Simply put: while ideas are fair
game, character bashing is not welcome anywhere on the net, regardless of the
florid prose one uses. Mr Owen is undoubtably a fine fellow.

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