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From: Clint O'Dell (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 20:01:39 MST

Yea, I always thought It would be a nice place to get away
from reality. Was just wondering if anyone ever does this? I
think that is why most people join convents, to get away
from reality.

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From: Skye Howard
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Subject: Re: Intellectual Monastery

I used to think it'd be really neat to go to England
and rebuild one of the ruined castles... I might even
receive some funding from their government for doing
it. Since I have none of my own, or even a plan, it
would require the cooperation of several individuals.
But one thing about castles- they're roomy! We could
wire in a cable modem, put in a library.... and pay
for it by flying in roleplayers and historians, and
rich people on pleasure trips- you know, a little like
"Midieval Times". Anyways, it'd make a neat place for
something like what you're talking about.
And though the idea sounds a bit silly, it is
perfectly feasible... all it would take is cash for
the restoration, and if set up right it would
eventually pay for itself. I read of a fellow once in
an article in the smithsonian who rebuilt a small
castle and set it up as a hotel.

--- Clint O'Dell <> wrote:
> >>I've often wondered if just watching yourself
> think under
> an fMRI or PET scan, "cognitive feedback", might be
> enough
> to produce enormous leaps in effective
> intelligence.<<
> I've always wanted to do this. Where can I buy one?
> hehe.
> Seriously though, for years I've always wondered if
> there
> was an institution for dedicating your life to
> science/reasoning. Like the religious monasteries, a
> place
> to eat/sleep and breath scientific research. Anyone
> know of
> any such institutions/groups? Or anyone share my
> thoughts?
> Clint O'Dell
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