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Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 16:56:27 MST

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 Huh ? I think that from selfishness you get self-respect, and an urge to
 improve yourself and to embrace 'Dynamic Optimism'. I am a thoroughly
 person -- which makes me want to improv >>

 I'm aiming at becoming an evil, destructive, *intelligent* and selfish
 creature :-):-):-). >>

I think the term selfish is annoying, used in replacement for "self-love", or
"self-esteem", it alienates and irritates others. It is a "bad-boy" lingo,
spawned by the baddest boy of all, Ayn Rand, who became a bit addled later in
life fancied herself a man. It is bear-bating.

I far prefer the softer touch, being not interested in being a boy, bad or
I prefer nurturing, two way winning, joy giving ways. I don't share a lack of
love for others.... In fact I often desire to be of use to them : ) -- of
"service". It pleases me : )

Most often I use Natasha Vita More's term "Automorph" to describe the
concept of taking control of one's own destiny.

Even "self-love" distrubs some people: puritan, self effacing ethics die

I dislike adding a negative connotation to a good idea.

I also like to reflect on the way I come across, in order to be more
effective in promoting my own ideology. I avoid bating people. Courtesy gives
better results. That means thinking of others.

Get real: "Selfish" in common tongue of today, means only one thing. Caring
only for your own good at the expense of others. It is held as repugnant and
will continue to be so, not matter how many objectivists moan and wail of
it's use
Get over it:

It's not the ONLY meaning, however is the definition that most people agree
upon. If you go around calling yourself that, you are deliberately provoking
ill will. Why?

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