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> Huh ? I think that from selfishness you get self-respect, and an urge to
> improve yourself and to embrace 'Dynamic Optimism'. I am a thoroughly
> selfish
> person -- which makes me want to improv >>
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> I'm aiming at becoming an evil, destructive, *intelligent* and selfish
> creature :-):-):-). >>
> I think the term selfish is annoying, used in replacement for "self-love", or
> "self-esteem", it alienates and irritates others. It is a "bad-boy" lingo,
> spawned by the baddest boy of all, Ayn Rand, who became a bit addled later in
> life fancied herself a man. It is bear-bating.


Consider your post carefully archived for its easy eloquence
and natural spontaneity. But something of an oddity on this
List, isn't it. I am always struck by the hypertrophied and
triumphal announcement "I AM selfish" when no one has ever
accused them of altruism. Conversely, the almost hysterical
denial of dependency, subordination and the need to be loved.
"No man may be an island, but *I* stand in splendid aloneness!

One wonders why, if exclusive self-seeking were as natural
as Rand insists, our Extropian individualists strive in such a
strained and histrionic way to exhibit this state?


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