Re: an Extro 2000 rave??

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 15:30:04 MST

John Grigg tickled me with,
>So you think the Extropian Institute should host a rave for the students of
>Berkeley? Some of the older extropians on the list may need to be signed up
>for cryonic suspension with a standby team ready for when they collapse
>after some intense dancing!! Rather then have any totally illegal drugs
>given out we could have David Pierce of "The Hedonics Imperative" be in
>charge of giving out various nutrients and pharmaceauticals to keep the
>crowd dancing!

Thank you for the laugh, John. At my age I no longer entertain the notion of
raving in Berzerkeley. But for the twenty-somethings, well... perhaps it can
alleviate some of their existential angst.

>This whole idea is kind of cool. I just hope there are enough women there
>and that I can get some of them to dance with me! I just had junior high
>flashbacks. :(

Ouch! You were doing so well for a while there.
Prescription: Take a double dose of Xstasy with some Beefeaters on the rocks.
Presto! Junior high flashbacks transmogrify to major high illuminations.


J. R. Molloy

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