Re: an Extro 2000 rave??

From: D.den Otter (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 16:44:15 MST

> From: john grigg <>

> >Now everbody's ravin' -- Rave on!Target Extro 5 in 2000? Berkeley,
> > >California?
> >J. R.
> So you think the Extropian Institute should host a rave for the students of
> Berkeley? Some of the older extropians on the list may need to be signed up
> for cryonic suspension with a standby team ready for when they collapse
> after some intense dancing!! Rather then have any totally illegal drugs
> given out we could have David Pierce of "The Hedonics Imperative" be in
> charge of giving out various nutrients and pharmaceauticals to keep the
> crowd dancing!

Yes, raves with "smart(er)" drugs and some other refinements
could be a great way to spread extropian/transhumanist
memes. Composing some kick-ass dance music with
transhumanist lyrics (you know, mostly just a few cool
sentences that get repeated over and over) could also
greatly help to improve our image and thus attract new
members. We could also have some nerd raves just for
ourselves (so that the cool people won't be scared away).

And after the dance all go (fully stoned) off into the
woods and blow the living crap out of eachother in a
dynamic game of paintball. It doesn't get much cooler
than this...

Old bunker complexes would be ideal for such events
(and of course for cryonic storage etc.), btw.
Some of these are quite big yet relatively cheap,
and for

> This whole idea is kind of cool. I just hope there are enough women there
> and that I can get some of them to dance with me! I just had junior high
> flashbacks. :(

Ah, that's the nice thing about raves; everyone just kind of
dances for himself. You're together alone (in a positive way,
that is).

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