Re: SOC Opponents ofTranshumanism (was Re:International Third Position)

From: Robert Wasley (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 11:29:57 MST

James Ganong
> These people worry me; they are an alliance of extreme nationalist
> groups who
> seem to be coordinating with each other, even when their views clash.
> Racist groups of various racial backgrounds seem to be working together,
> despite their mutual distaste for each other. They are assimilating
> Green memes to coordinate with the anti-GM crowd. They have found a
> common enemy--us & all we stand for.
> Their principles say it all upfront:

Perspective needs to be maintained. There are numerous groups that exist
under pressure from other groups i.e. Nazis, KKK and Jews and blacks,
extreme Pro Life and Pro Choice, etc where periodically there is actual
confrontation and violence with a much deeper history and none of them is
faced with extinction by their opposite. The adoption of technology and
science has been and continues to be the path of global history. I believe
it is a good thing for people to think about something new than unthinkingly
adopt it. If this process is allowed by the technology's 'cheerleaders' it
maybe slower, but will gain far greater and wide spread support. People do
not like changing until they are ready (within reason) and they will respond
violently if something is being shoved down their throats i.e. 1978 Iranian

Robert Wasley

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