Creating Religions for Dummies in 12 Steps

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Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 16:59:19 MST

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"[2] As a question for the Legal Department: Suppose "Extropianism"
were redefined as a "religion"; what protections and advantages would
this afford (at the price of some hypocrisy and double-think)?"

I know the reason I have not been contacted by the Legal Department
is their discouragement over the apparent difficulty of such a task. Well,
to liberate your energies I am revealing my amazingly simple secret steps
to "rolling your own" religion. It is a ridiculously easy process of rummag-
ing about for twelve -- yes "12" -- items which you either already have
or can inexpensively purchase from local suppliers. Here is your shopping
list; look it over quickly to become convinced that ANYONE CAN DO THIS
and therefore you can too.

[01] A Suprahuman Ancestor

[02] At least one Sacred Text

[03] Several Magical Procedures

[04] A Sacred Talisman and Logo

[05] A Sacred Grove, Edifice or Website

[06] A Hierophantic Language

[07] A Charismatic Spokesperson for [01]

[08] A Rationale for Financial Support of [07]

[09] A Remedy for Pain and Death

[10] Some measure of Financial and Legal Immunity

[11] A Sacred Rulebook as a basis for [09]

[12] A System of Indoctrination

Robert M. Owen
The Orion Institute
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