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> "[2] As a question for the Legal Department: Suppose "Extropianism"
> were redefined as a "religion"; what protections and advantages would
> this afford (at the price of some hypocrisy and double-think)?"

I wouldn't call myself any sort of "Legal Department", but I'll venture an
answer (pun intended). There is such a thing, called the "Church of
Venturism", if memory serves. It's been associated with the cryonics
movement for some time. I really don't know that much about it, but a web
search should turn up some info.

My short answer is that calling ourselves a "religion" wouldn't yield any
legal benefits significantly more attractive than what Extropy Institute
already enjoys as a "501(c)(3)" corporation under the Tax Code. Beyond that,
it does seem that we'd suffer mightily from the "hypocrisy and souble-think"
you identify.

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