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<<Tolerance and acceptance of other's views is an adult
way to be in the world.>>
<Collaborative brainstorming>> << The
 tensions are lighter, most people go into a collaborative situation with an
 even sensibility rather than a one-uppersonship >>
(snip again)
<< Both types of environments can be beneficial to dealing with problems and
 situations where transhuman ideas are put down or attacked. >>

I LIKED this post, because it addressed two ways of putting ideas across.
Replacing argument with wisdom, instilling a a desire to learn. Likewise
Natasha's websites: they provide - not only substance, and lots of it - but a
way to *engage* and *delight* people with your ideas. Creating a safe place
for them to *try on* these ideas ... but never to "win" them over in a

People do not debate with me -- I hate it. Anyway... usually they are
hotshots who already have a point to prove.
You see, in my world, it's rude. There are places where that is appropriate.
I am not an academic, nor a philosopher. I am a Muse.
I inspire, move, instill ..I engage people with creativity and ideas. We love
and delight and tickle each other with ideas, we're not into butting antlers.

Where do I espouse my views on life-extension, technology and optimism? Where
do so many of us find ourselves doing so? !!!!!iii!! In a social context*.
If I suddenly begin a "debate", trying to convince or cajole, won't the
lovely guests flee in haste, to a more pleasant corner of the room?

Sometimes I notice at parties people who walk the room, looking for a victim
to try on their ideas with. This is distasteful. Especially if it becomes a

So the tools for getting memes across become: tolerance, good listening, a
likely demeanor, *humor*, lively engagement, education, pleasant repartee,
and the accouterments of social skills. I repeat, good social skills!

Many people do not realize that half of the problem isn't the ideas, or the
way the *ideas* are presented, it's the way they present *themselves*.


**parties, events,gatherings, dates, evenings with friends, concerts, art
shows, etc.

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