Re: A person who needs us and in turn could help others down

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 19:26:56 MST

At 05:39 PM 1/4/00 PST, John wrote:

>I realize some of you do subscribe to Cryonet but many others do not and so
>I have reproduced his two posts here to share with you all the thoughts of
>this man. I could have recommended going to the archive but then many might
>not get around to read his words.

I'm on Cryonet. I'll respond on this list but will deal with his plight

We are each held prisoners of our bodies. Some of us have more
difficulties than others, but each of us has to deal with aches and pains
and the threat of disease and death. I do not know anyone who does not
have some sort of physical ailment or disability and has to deal with it on
a daily basis in some manner and to some degree.

His cry for help saddens me greatly - as my father's cry for help when he
was dying which I can still hear. I can feel my own terrible deep sadness
at the possibility of loosing any of my dear friends to disease and my own
anguish at why the hell we have to put up with this horrible crippling

Disease holds us captive while our spirits want to fly free. No one should
have to suffer so.


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