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> The most obvious, or famous, evidence is the New Testament, totally apart
> from whether one considers the New Testament to have any religious
> validity. Some (most?) of the books of the New Testament were allegedly
> written by Apostles of Christ who knew him personally during his life,

Sorry, but most of the books of the New Testament were letters written by
Paul, who never met Christ. The Gospel of Luke, and its sequel, The Acts of
the Apostles were also written long after Jesus died, as was The Revelation
(Apocalypse) of John. Only three of the Gospels even claim to have any
association with Apostles of Christ, and the best evidence is that they were
oral traditions written down 50-150 years afterward.

> The Jews consider Jesus to have been a Rabbi (religious teacher),

I would like to see some evidence of this.

> and Islam lists Jesus as a prophet, one of many prophets who came before
> the Seal of the Prophets (the last prophet).

Mohammed was born around 570AD, and died around 632AD. The writings
attributed to him occurred after that date, over 600 years after Christ.

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