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> > Is there any actual historical evidence that JC even existed?
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> The most obvious, or famous, evidence is the New Testament, totally apart
> from whether one considers the New Testament to have any religious
> validity.

You don't consider it to be just a tiny bit biased?

 Some (most?) of the books of the New Testament were allegedly

Allegedly.....key word here...

> written by Apostles of Christ who knew him personally during his life,
> and were written down in contemporary Greek within a couple of hundred
> years of the lifetime of Jesus,

not exactly an eyewitness account...."he said that he said that she said that
he said.....for a couple of hundred years?

 with, I think, a fairly good 'chain of
> custody' of copies and translations down to our time, including some
> extant manuscripts which can be dated to very early times.

relegious manuscripts...

> Christianity's two 'sister' religions, Judaism and Islam, both recognize
> Jesus as a religiously significant figure, and therefore presumably also
> as historical fact. The Jews consider Jesus to have been a Rabbi
> (religious teacher), and Islam lists Jesus as a prophet, one of many
> prophets who came before Mohammed, the Seal of the Prophets (the last
> prophet).

you missed my point is suppose... Is there any independent historical
evidence that JC existed? Is his existence mentioned by contemporary Roman
historians for example?
> Dozens, if not hundreds, of towns and other sites mentioned in the New
> Testament are identifiable today, some with a high degree of confidence,
> with ruins and physical features which can be directly verified in person
> by a modern visitor. Numerous artifacts of various types, including
> pottery and hundreds of thousands if not millions of coins from the
> general era of Jesus still exist and provide abundant evidence of the
> historical context in which rulers or governors held power in particular
> regions at particular times surrounding the places and times associated
> with Jesus.

And your point is? UFO sitings routinely identify local towns? So?
> A much more recent figure, William Shakespeare, is the subject of
> controversy as to whether he actually wrote the famous plays of the
> 1500s, despite the fact that he allegedly lived in a time when literacy
> was not uncommon, and he allegedly wrote and produced plays which were
> performed very publicly in London, the world's leading metropolis at the
> time, and everyone there spoke English, not much different from the
> English of today. The plays were, I think, advertised with mass-produced
> printed handbills. Like Jesus, Shakespeare became more famous after his
> time than during his time, and like Jesus, it seems that there will
> always be some who cannot be convinced of the historical validity of
> Shakespeare, just as there will always be some who doubt that men walked
> on the Moon in 1969. Will was (or was not) bogus...what's that got to do with JC? or the
moon landing......
> Which of the following legendary figures actually existed: Davey
> Crockett, Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed?
Or the mighty hulk......or the Thing....or the creature from the black
lagoon.....sheesh.....there are greek "logic terms" for this....."ergo

muttering <ask a simple question.............>

leaving Holbrook Az.

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