RE: Extropian Productivity (was RE: flame wars)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 20:54:47 MDT

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    Natasha had written in another thread

    > [Somebody wrote]
    > > This doesn't make sense to me. If we don't change the system, it won't
    > > change. ExI is currently in control of the list, the rules, the moderator,
    > > and the enforcement. Everything is happening exactly they way ExI's
    > > moderator implements it. If we don't enforce the rules, they aren't really
    > > in force. If we don't prohibit ad hominem, we can't claim ad hominem is
    > > prohibited on this list. I don't understand how doing nothing will
    > > institute change.

    > I never said we are doing nothing. In fact, we are doing something.

    So among other remarks, I replied (quoting Natasha)

    > At 02:05 PM 7/20/03 -0700, Lee who doesn't get the digest wrote:
    > > Okay, but that's not good enough now, is it? You and
    > > Harvey (and I hope not Natasha) need to *reform*
    > > everything, right? Alas, people like me usually end
    > > up being the reformee, which all the activists get to
    > > be the reformers, that lack the mental circuitry to
    > > imagine the possibility that sometimes good things
    > > should be left alone.
    > Huh? Somebody say my name?

    Perhaps I misunderstood. I thought that by "we are doing
    something" some radical, sinister, and dire threat to the
    list was under consideration.

    (Typical over-reaction and paranoia on my part, evidently!)

    > Look, the only thing I'm trying to *reform* right now is the frizzes in my
    > hair which, I believe, is caused by the new hair color I'm using.

    8^D Great to hear that, actually. One less weight lifted
    from my terrible burdens.

    Good luck with the hair!


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