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Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 17:02:32 MDT

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    If the claim is that investors underestimate the likelihood for success of
    efforts to develop such ambitious products, or the demand for such products
    once developed, then you should be able to make above market returns by
    investing in firms that tend to try more ambitious projects. Do you so

    Spudboy wrote:
    >Yes to both of your queries, Dr, Hanson. There is a decided lack of vision
    >or risk taking, regarding this and many other technologies. Joe
    >politician, Bob Investment Banker is extremely wary of such pursuits. As
    >an economist, you must understand, better than most people, that if there
    >is not a perceived desire, the building of these cool, but valuable toys
    >ain't gonna happen.
    ><<Are you claiming that these won't be done because of an *incorrect*
    >estimate of economic non-viability? Of are you just lamenting the fact
    >that people won't donate enough money to making cool toys happen before
    >they are economically viable? Is that what "lack of vision" means?

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