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Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 19:03:53 MDT

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    Err...those were two rather different questions, which
    from their phrasing seem mutually exclusive. Perhaps
    a better way to state it:

    We agree that those who might otherwise invest in
    these technologies do not see much economic return
    from them. However, there is disagreement as to
    whether their forseen lack of profits is, itself,
    incorrect. Do you believe they are being too
    pessimistic for their own good in this case - i.e.,
    that despite what they believe, they *actually* would
    stand to make significant profit if they developed and
    marketed these technologies?

    --- wrote:
    > Yes to both of your queries, Dr, Hanson. There is a
    > decided lack of vision or risk taking, regarding
    > this and many other technologies. Joe politician,
    > Bob Investment Banker is extremely wary of such
    > pursuits. As an economist, you must understand,
    > better than most people, that if there is not a
    > perceived desire, the building of these cool, but
    > valuable toys ain't gonna happen.
    > Dr. Hanson asked:
    > <<Are you claiming that these won't be done because
    > of an *incorrect* estimate of economic
    > non-viability? Of are you just lamenting the fact
    > that people won't donate enough money to making cool
    > toys happen before they are economically viable? Is
    > that what "lack of vision" means?
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