moral responsibility (was RE: [WAR] amazing new photo history)

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 00:03:53 MDT

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    I said:

    >> If your deputy is acting in a way you regard as deplorable, it's up to you
    >> to speak out. If someone over in the next town or nation is doing so, you
    >> might take a keen interest, but you generally have a lesser moral
    >> responsibility to speak out.

    >You are basically saying that the more an act directly
    >affects your life, the more you are morally required to speak out against
    >it. Bullshit.

    I am basically saying nothing of the sort. I am basically saying, quite
    clearly I hoped, that the more an act *derives* from my lived situation,
    the more I am morally involved in its outcome. What happens in Vietnam is
    not directly a result of my life as a citizen, not in 2003. What happens in
    Iraq, in 2003, does. What happens in Australia, where `boat people' fleeing
    oppression are currently treated abominably and penned in concentration
    camps, certainly does, and I express my abhorrence for the Australian
    government's behavior in that regard, although I lack the moral purity of
    Greg Egan who has temporarily abandoned writing in order to do what he can
    to help these poor abused people.

    Damien Broderick

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