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Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 22:32:13 MDT

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    MMB said:
    <<I don't think this situation has a tidy solution; nor a quick one, apart
    from the Albigensian approach ("Kill them all; God will know his own", in
    the apocryphal wording). This is grievous.>>

    My sense is that this policy is not kin to some medieval monk's view of the
    world and human interaction. Rather, this is a cold-blooded analysis of what
    our opponents say,
    and seem to believe, and act upon. Denial of civilizational differences will
    not stand the light of day. Its not simply what we or you, MMB want, it what
    the other fellows tell each other, as Claude Shannon, said decades ago.

    What we are facing is the real threat of nuclear guerilla warfare. The threat
    is serious and is driven by money from oil, nationalism, and especially
    religious-political radical Islam. Now how are we to respond? If you disagree that
    there is a factual threat then, 9-11 never happened. Our enemies abroad,
    whether Muslim or not will identify themselves by their actions. The problem is
    that the US has consistently turned the other cheek, only to enhance beliefs
    that we will collapse, under attack. And you know, that could really happen.

    But our enemies are far from invincible and have weaknesses we need to
    exploit. Sometimes it is the military way, similar to Afghanistan and Iraq. Other
    means may be supporting regime opponents, opening up dialogues with those that
    seem persuadable, and slowly educating the Muslim Street so that they are given
    a choice on what is factual, rather then just the government line, as in
    Saudi, Egypt, and several other states.

    MMB, you always quote science fiction writer, David Brin (I believe) at the
    end of your signature on these posts. Yes, you are indeed here as part of a
    civilization; and that civilization is under attack by a coalition of the
    vicious, the greedy, the selfish, and the antidemocratic. This conflict will succeed
    the W. Bush administration by 8-10 years, I am guessing. Another
    administration will be faced with the same problem as the current one. In this respect,
    this conflict is just like WW3, also known as the Cold War. You come here as
    part of a civilization, now what steps do you recommend to defend it?

    Very, Sincerely


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