Jane's on Naval `electric weapons'

From: Phil Osborn (philosborn2001@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 22 2003 - 16:06:48 MDT

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    This is only first gen. What kind of defenses will
    evolve? Photoelectric fog? Like a smoke screen but
    able to adsorb laser or even perhaps EMP? But then
    the offense could use a frequency tuned to the fog to
    vaporize a JIT path.

    How to target over the horizon, which is easy enough
    with radar and projectiles? For lasers, you would
    have to position a reflector high enough to get the
    beam to where you wanted. Then the reflector becomes
    a target, of course. I'm reminded of that old SF
    movie that was shown once per month on late night TV,
    it seemed, through the '60's. The one in which
    dastardly aliens holed up (literally) in some
    hillside, are using beam weapons against scientists,
    who build a targeting reflector array that returns the
    energy to its source.

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