who loses with wind power?

From: Spike (spike66@attbi.com)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 23:21:48 MDT

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    <<The nation's leading environmental groups can barely control their
    enthusiasm. ''We're bullish on wind,'' says Kert Davies, research
    director of Greenpeace USA. ''Everybody has to ante up in the fight.''
    Well, this is a new day. I and the director of Greenpeace agree on
    Robert had an objection that I kinda punted: that his detroit doesn't
    on electricity. My notion is that a transition would be gradual enough
    that major pain would be averted.
    So now I ask, if the current low interest rates hold and wind power
    going in at the current rate (they are building them like hell out
    here), we
    know who the winners are. But who loses?
    I want to ignore for the time being those who hold stock in the
    Someone mentioned climate change downwind of the windmills. What is
    that? I haven't heard of anything like that, altho it stands to reason
    if we are
    extracting energy from the wind, the entropy of the wind must somehow
    increase. Anyone know?
    I lived in the southern taxifornia desert for several years. Some times
    the year the wind howls thru there with such force and consistency, that
    death would be a sweet relief. Any change in that weather pattern as a
    result of windmills would have to be for the better.
    The bird people don't like the idea.
    I can see where pilots might not like the idea, since they would face
    additional danger should their engine quit over a vast wind farm.
    There have been claims that windmills are noisy. I often ride up to
    Altamont Pass near here and pull over on a breezy day. The windmills
    do make some noise, but not that much. If one is a km away, one
    cannot hear them.
    Some have said that a hilltop covered with windmills is unsightly, but
    I beg to differ. I find them very sightly. On a windy day when they
    all spinning like hell, generating all that power and all that beautiful
    money, they are quite scenic.
    OK, so I know who wins, but who loses (besides the bird fans and pilots)

    if we start poking windmills into the ground like weeds?

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