Re: Test Scores (was Causality)

James Rogers (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 13:13:04 -0800

>I'm thinking introvert. My second youngest brother was highly social from
>the start where I was an introvert and had to work my way out. I think this
>was largely due to not having children my own age in my local area, when he
>did so I gradually turned to other forms of more intellectual entertainment
>like tinkering or reading. Also I must add it was a plus to have my parents
>read to me early on. How many people here skipped crawling and went
>directly on to walking?

I did. For a brief moment, they thought I was "developmentally challenged".

>>Absurdly high test scores (usually perfect) and very average grades. I
>>always kind of wondered how universities interpret that kind of pattern.
>Probably not good. It shows signs of nonconforming gifted intelligence
>which would not work in a structured university.

You're probably right.

-James Rogers