Re: Ants

James Rogers (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 13:13:13 -0800

At 10:57 PM 12/14/96 +0100, you wrote:
>> > rains. I read, I forget where, that ants will not cross a line of flour. I
>> > haven't tested that.
>Try sodium borate (or boronic acid, H_3BO_3), ants (nor 'roaches) don't like
>that. Take care of small kids, though, as it is _not_ candy. Still, a
>lot better than organic insecticides, which are uniformly volatile and
>neurotoxic for mammals (that means you).

I also have used sodium borate with great success. I dissolve it in water
and put it in a spray bottle for bug spray. It works well in this capacity
as well and not nearly as toxic (or smelly) as organic insecticides.

Windex also works well for several types of insects, including ants.
And it cleans as it kills! :-)

-James Rogers