Re: How Atheism Helped Me

Grahame, Bob D. (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 17:45:13 -0500

> The self-proclaimed agnostic must still designate whether he does
> or does not believe in a god -- and, in doing so, he commits himself to
> theism or he commits himself to atheism. BUT HE DOES COMMIT HIMSELF.
> Agnosticism is not the escape clause that it is commonly thought to be.
I don't maintain that there is or is not a god. I don't definitely
believe in god.
I don't definitely disbelieve in god. Neither do I believe that it is
unknowable whether there is a
god or not. Just that I don't know, or know how to know. I could invoke
Kosko and say
that I both believe and disbelieve.
I *definitely* don't believe in forcing black/white divisions on
something that is as fuzzy as human belief. :-)

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