Re: How Atheism Helped Me
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 12:39:47 -0500


>>An agnostic, therefore, is one who maintains that there might be some
>supernatural being that is closed to human knowledge. Religious "belief" is
>based on whatever it is you believe -- and usually "faith." One can't say:
well I WANT to believe, so I will. Nor can one say: I don't >WANT to
believe, so I won't. You either believe or you don't believe. (Of course
>you can always change your mind.) };-}

IMHO, most atheists are convinced that "god" is an impossiblity, and it is
not subject to their "faith or
belief" but usually to evidence (or lack of, explicitly).

Also, IMHO, all agnostics do *not* believe in "some supernatural being",
rather they allow that there may
be some kind of guiding universal power (often forces of nature, unknown
physics, some kind of unyet discovered
scientific or macro-cosmic (nonanthropomorphic) laws.

The thing you talk about is what I heard the Secular
Humanists refer to as an _Uncertain Deists_.

(Believes there probably is some kind of god, but not
sure what it is.)