wildgrowing threads

Max M (maxmcorp@inet.uni-c.dk)
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 10:55:26 +0100

Hi this is a question.

As a person very interrested in the future i have subscribed to the
etropian mailing list. I receive about 30 postings a day. But i don't quite
get it.
1 thread is about the TWA 800, aka a conspiracy discussion.
1 thread is about the existence of god, aka a basic existensialist question
(at leat part of the thread)
1 thread is about worker/emplyer relationsship, aka govermental influence

These threads consists of more than 50% of all threads.

They seem rather uninterresting to me. Especially as an european. I mean it
seems more like a discussiongroup for a bunch of friends discussing
whatever interrests them. Is this all there is to the mailing list?

There have been some good threads in the digest though.

Kind regards


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