Re: FITNESS/MEDIA: Max's Aug 96 "Muscle & Fitness" article

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Fri, 16 Aug 1996 15:12:27 -0700

On Aug 15, 10:40pm, Natasha V. More(f/k/a/Nancie Clark) wrote this (quoted with
> Subject: Re: FITNESS/MEDIA: Max's Aug 96 "Muscle & Fitness" article
> At 02:16 PM 8/15/96 -0700, Russell Whitaker wrote:
> >Any other extropian bodybuilders out there, by the way?
> You already know I am, but I had to respond to your post because body
> building (weight lifting) is my favorite sport and I utilize sculpting the
> body in its direct relationship to Automorph art.
> By the way, I recently rented the film "Pumping Iron". I recommend it.

It's my favorite sport, too. And it seems to be the one most
conducive to a prolongevitist lifestyle, as well as having
- for me - very aesthetically appealing results.

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