Re: Geron as an investment [Was: Re: Telomerase and cancer ]

Lee March (
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 14:06:14 -0600

Max More wrote:
> >(Portfolio up 188% MTD...)
> Okay, Lee, give! How did you do this? And what about YTD return? Did you do
> this with options? Or do you have just one or two superperformers in your
> portfolio. The reason I'm very please with my 103% YTD gain is that I have
> not used options, and there are 20 stocks in the port, so it wasn't a
> matter of getting lucky on one stock.
> Onward to transhuman wealth!
> Max


I have always made it a point not to discuss my trading in any great detail, most people do not think to highly of my form of investing, which as I have said is really trading. I do invest in stocks in the more traditional sense, and my return YTD on that is around the same figure you quoted for your portfolio, which is an excellent return.

I will go a bit further in this discussion mainly because I think the people who take part in this email group are of above average intelligence and more importiantly do not judge people who have nontraditional jobs/lives/goals. I am trading to make possible businesses and investments that I think will have real long term value to myself and others.

As for trading, today was a rather flat day, actually NASDAQ was down about 35 as I type this, but my two buys for the day were MESG which went from 17 1/2 to 19 1/8. I purchased 2000 shares, held on for 3 hours or so and sold for a 3200 dollar or appr. 10% gain, the second was EGHT which I purchased at 4 3/4 and sold at 6. 10,000 shares translated to a 12,500 dollar increase, or about 25%.

Both these trades were based on news. I have had worse days, even losing days, but I have also had much better days, and those will cover a lot of slightly bad days.

I have no year to date figure for daytrading as I just started about 3 months ago. In that time period I have run my 50,000 dollar starting capital up to about 849,650 as of close of my trading today. I am looking forward to the next year expecially if we have a continued boom into next year. My goal is to have 50 million dollars by the end of 2000.

As you said, onward to transhuman wealth!



PS, I have not tried options yet, they are incredibly complicated to price and play, but I am learning and plan to give them a try. I am testing several software systems for pricing and trading in that area and in commodities. It makes me wish I was as educated in software and computer science as some of the people on this list, it would be a huge asset.