!!!!! 2000 Millenial Transhumans Around the World!

Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 21:06:01 -0800

>John Grigg is sitting there all excited, screaming into the
>phone "Its starting, the 60 second countdown is starting...,
>59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54....

(and authoring flattering posts about transhumans)

> In the background,
> Damien Broderick: Are you folks *still* doing that....

(actively cogitating on a edits and editions for _Spike_)

> Robert Bradbury: John, can you speak more softly, I've got
> a wicked headache.

(firing off and multiplying neurons)

> Anders Sandberg: Would anyone care to come to Sweeden to
> help cleanup party leftovers?

(designing new trace drawings for his magnificent art portfolio)

> Eliezer Yudowsky: You folks are crazy, any sane AI knows that
> the millennial transitation is no different from any other timeslice.

(thinking for the long term)

> Greg Burch: I can't talk right now, my next-door-neighbors have let their
> their cows run free ...

(back packing through the environs while whistling a happy tune)

> Gina (Nanogirl): John, whats the status of Nanotech research at U. of A.?
> The Canuks in chorus: Ehhh?

(feverishly looking for new nano postings to keep ahead of her reputation)

> Everyone suspects Max and Natasha are sitting quietly in the
> background watching the world evolve...

(well, I don't know about quietly -:) or the sitting part (horizontal might be better), but definitely together and peeking at the evolving world)

>Perhaps we could organize a signup sheet for the people that want
>to be included in the calls at specific hours? This would be
>way cool, there might be no other group on the planet doing it...

Great idea Robert I'm in. This is performance art for me and I love it.


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