Re: while I'm at it (subjective things..)
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 11:18:23 EST


Depends on what you value.
Also, there are more ways than one to die.

What do you do when your choices are do something antithetical to your whole being or die? There is a certain way I want to live, or die trying to live. I want my life to extend into eternity, but I won't harm an innocent person to do it, because if I did, then it would not be me who lived, but an ego-dystonic version of me. There are certain parameters to who I wish to be, and when up against those boundaries, it would be more valuable to live a few more seconds within them than centuries outside of them. Now, having said that, I work very hard to keep myself out of those conditions, because I really want both. I know this was just a jumping off point in the post, but it seemed like a good place to make the point. Note, for me the main point is not quantity nor quality of life (though both are nice), but quality of character.

Glen Finney