while I'm at it (subjective things..)

Rob Harris (rob@hbinternet.co.uk)
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 12:35:49 -0000


The utlimate translation of subjective --> objective Everyone will have their own thoughts on this. For instance, the crazy monks or whatever have such a strong urge to be a zealot, that the pain they would suffer mentally if they gave up their beliefs would be worse than the pain of anticipating and committing suicide in their eyes.......not everyone has the same motivation as you do. For instance, my Grandad is like many other old blokes - very opinionated and vocal. One of his favourite types of people to criticise are such as recreational drug users, dangerous sports players and such. He always rants "They're so stupid. They'll cut their lifespan by years....." etc. etc.. The point is that Grandad is making a judgement based upon the idiotic assumption that everyone has identical motives to his. Basically, life for as long as possible, no matter what the trade off with quality of life. Many sound-of-mind people have the alternative philosophy of maximum life quality over quantity. His failure is in his seeming inability to discern between the subjective and the objective - "Of course everyone has the same motives as me, I'm a cosmically righteous being rigged up to some God" or something.....