A compliment for Max and Natasha...

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:45:19 PDT

Hello Max and Natasha,

I checked out the ad for the upcoming book reading and wish I could attend. But living in Alaska tends to be isolating at times. I wrote this post to compliment you both on your photos.

Natasha you look fantastic in the picture there! You have a "Jean Grey" thing going for you in that shot.

And for Max, that picture makes you look to me like a rogish member of the nefarious Hellfire club! You have that Sebastion Shaw/Fitzroy look about you!

Can you tell that I was going through my X-Men collection earlier? lol If I were casting director for the upcoming movie I would keep you two in mind.

I love the X-Men when well written and drawn. I see Professor Xavier as a real extropian along with Forge, Beast and others. As a teenager I wished there really was a Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters that I could attend. Of course I would need the required kinks in my DNA to get in!


John Grigg

P.S. I had friends who really wanted to attend StarFleet Academy!

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