denying your sex drive.

Spike Jones (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 21:04:43 -0700

> wrote:...who has NEVER had a sex drive but would...
> Robert Owen wrote: ... observable other than verbally? This
> is equivalent to asking you "why do you believe him?.

I could see a little game that could develop:

he: "Theres something you should know. Im asexual. No sex drive."

she: "None?"

he: "None whatsoever. Like 7-up. Never had it, never will."

she (taking it as a challenge): "Not even when I do... This?"

he: "Nope."

she: "How about when I do.... THIS?"

he: "Well, I maaay be feeling a sliiiight stirring within..."

and so on. {8^D spike