Re: Barking mad rules, ok

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:16:19 -0400

Brian D Williams wrote:
> This T.V evangelist was giving a credible explanation of some
> immune system functions, but then turned it: "How is it possible
> that this wonderfully complex system evolved from nothing?" The
> answer he said was that it could not.
> This is a new and potentially dangerous thing......These people are
> capitalizing on peoples ignorance of basic science (like they
> haven't been doing that for years) and supplying their own
> explanation/opinion for the facts. We've seen this recently in the
> anti-evolutionist stance in Kansas, where people confidently remark
> that the evidence for evolution is wishy-washy at best, when the
> exact opposite is the truth.
> We have to counteract this pseudoscientific masturbation

I know, I just had a rather lengthy discussion with an evangelist preacher freind of mine today on scientific dating methods, logical inference, etc., as he is a big creationist, and does a program on the local public access channel. He was talking about some creationist 'scientist' named Gish that he purports is rather good at arguing the creationist case. Anyone heard of him?

Mike Lorrey