Re: Abolition of Work (was Re: Extropian Party Platform)

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:07:08 -0400

Chris Fedeli wrote:
> Steve Butts wrote:
> >
> > -- I'm quite skeptical about the whole "abolishment of work".
> > Personally I think a world without work would be pretty boring, I seem
> > to get a lot of fulfillment and fun out of working. I also think a good
> > deal of work needs some type of consciousness. Something that can
> > create, explore possible solutions, and employ creativity to solving
> > them. And if you got a group of conscious machines that aren't getting
> > paid you got a race of slaves. Abolishment of work is just a warm fuzzy
> > utopian idea that will never probably work.
> We don't have to abolish work, but in a very wealthy society we should
> be able to remove most of the penalties associated with not working.
> People who enjoy work would always have stimulating projects to devote
> themselves to, and those of us who feel like partying for a few hundred
> thousand years should be able to do that at a reasonable standard of
> living.
> And if all that endless leisure gets boring, we can always get some
> training and go back to work.

If you are talking about a society in which 9/10ths of the work in society is done by automation/nanotech, etc..., then I'm all for it. However such a society should also be able to afford not to have to tax those who do the remaining 1/10th of the work....

Mike Lorrey