Re: SOC: As goes Kansas...(evolution)

John Clark (
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 01:02:27 -0400

Robert Owen <> Wrote:

>If we assume the being of a "hypertranscendental" or "super-
>natural" object whose properties are omniscence, omnipresence,
>and omnipotence, then I suppose the human dualities of "good-
>evil", "loving-sadistic" and so on cannot, by definition, have
>the slightest relevance to the essence of this object. In this
>sense, Bryan, it is also inappropriate to say "God is Good".

I agree. If good and evil exist independently of God then He has nothing to do with morality except that He's supposed to obey moral law just like everybody else. He can't be omnipotence either. If good and evil are not independent of God then doing good is just a matter of avoiding punishment and no loftier than obeying what the Nazi's tell you to do if they occupy your country. One must be true if God exists but I've found that most people are unhappy with either conclusion, so I don't make this argument much anymore, except to Extropians because they're not most people.

John K Clark