Re: SOC: As goes Kansas...(evolution)

Steve C. Dotson (
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 12:14:51 -0700


On Thu, 07 Oct 1999 18:59:47   Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

>m wrote:
>> --- wrote:
>> > goes Kentucky. The Kentucky State Board of
>> > Education has
>> > just removed 'evolution' from mandatory topics in
>> > their
>> > educational system. Their reason: the topic of
>> > evolution creates
>> > too much controversy and detracts from the purpose
>> > of the
>> > educational system.
>> Oh dear. Somebody might have to think.
>> Let's all take our valiums and be quiet.
>Funny how its those two states. I think I can predict the next states to
>do so:
>West Virginia
>South Carolina
>North Carolina
>Anyone see a pattern? Hey, its evolution in action. Dumb people breed
>dumb kids.
I have found it useful to engage the anti-science/pro-religious crowd in a non-threatening way explaining the beauty and efficacy of evolutionary theory. Just as organizations "adopt a highway", I endeavor to frequently "adopt a christian". While I have not had much luck getting them to examine all of their deeply embedded superstitions, many are receptive to considering the inexorable conclusion that evolution deserves an integral position in our educational milieu. To generalize and insult entire populations is useless and inaccurate at best, and in all likelihood only serves to confirm the widely held (but very incorrect) suspicion of believers that evolutionists are somehow evil, unkind, and mean-spirited. Steve (in the heart of the Appalachian Mts of NC) HotBot - Search smarter.