Frank Zappa

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 12:53:09 -0500

DouglasWhitworth wrote:

> In the light of the recent mails about Music with an extropian flavour,
> Frank Zappa would probably deserve mention. Certainly FZ rates as one of
> America's most dynamic and , IMHO, under -acknowledged and perhaps
> misunderstood musicians of the last 30 years. What a loss ! " If we cannot
> be free, at least we can be cheap"-FZ
> Merry Zappamas :-)

A personal anecdote RE Frank Zappa: In my years in Seattle, I was roomates for a year or so with a guy who owned a limo business, and frequently drove for him (usually in the middle of the night for airport runs when he couldn't get another driver). Once he picked up Frank Zappa at Sea-Tac airport and drove him downtown to the Olympic Hotel. As they passed through the financial district, Frank was sticking his head out the window yelling up at the skyscrapers, yelling,"You capitalist bastards!!!" (it was around 11pm). This from a guy paying $100 an hour for a limo, who flew first class and was staying at the presidential suite at the Olympic Hotel, and was playing to several sold out crowds while in town.

Mike Lorrey