Extropian Beer: Was:nukes in texas ( Frank Zappa)

Michael S. Lorrey (retroman@together.net)
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 12:35:05 -0500

DouglasWhitworth wrote:

> Michael S. Lorrey wrote
> >Linking beer and nukes, I read a quote yesterday by Frank Zappa:"In order
> for any
> >place to be considered a real country, it has to have its own beer and its
> own
> >football team. Having ships, and a few nukes helps, but any country has to
> at
> >least have its own beer."
> In the light of the recent mails about Music with an extropian flavour,
> Frank Zappa would probably deserve mention. Certainly FZ rates as one of
> America's most dynamic and , IMHO, under -acknowledged and perhaps
> misunderstood musicians of the last 30 years. What a loss ! " If we cannot
> be free, at least we can be cheap"-FZ
> Merry Zappamas :-)

So, to have our own extropian country, really all we need is our own cheap beer....anyone up for the task???

Mike Lorrey