Re: MUSIC Frank Zappa

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 07:35:29 -0800 (PST)


>I have to second this. Zappa's incredible breadth and eclecticism
>as a composer, instrumetalist and lyricist was one of the primary
>influences on my musical taste. At some point in the late 1970s
>I had a complete Zappa LP collection -- reproducing and completing
>it in digital form is one of my long-term goals. I also have to
>say that, although often tinged with a sharp darkness, Zappa's
>lyrics are usually extropian in the sense that they often express
>informed skepticism and creative humor at many, many levels.

I second this. The good news is that Franks last project was to digitally remaster all his work, some 50 plus albums. They're available as a set from his record company.

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