MUSIC: Frank Zappa (was "nukes in texas")
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 08:39:02 EST

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> In the light of the recent mails about Music with an extropian flavour,

> Frank Zappa would probably deserve mention. Certainly FZ rates as one of
> America's most dynamic and , IMHO, under -acknowledged and perhaps
> misunderstood musicians of the last 30 years. What a loss ! " If we
> be free, at least we can be cheap"-FZ

I have to second this. Zappa's incredible breadth and eclecticism as a composer, instrumetalist and lyricist was one of the primary influences on my musical taste. At some point in the late 1970s I had a complete Zappa LP collection -- reproducing and completing it in digital form is one of my longterm goals. I also have to say that, although often tinged with a sharp darkness, Zappa's lyrics are usually extropian in the sense that they often express informed skepticism and creative humor at many, many levels.

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